Leading Edge Security and Fraud Prevention

We know how crucial data security is to your business. That is why we continually invest in our people and technology to deliver world-class protection and fraud mitigation to you and your customers.

Security Benefits for Your Business:

  • We rigorously maintain our status as a Level 1 PCI DSS-Compliant Service Provider for all major card brands. End-to-end encryption protects all payment card data in transit and at rest.
  • We meet all of the future NACHA rule changes that require DDA numbers be unreadable when stored electronically. Clearwater Payments has always protected consumer pay account numbers, be it ACH or card, with the latest in token encryption to keep them safe and unreadable.
  • We work in constant collaboration with trusted third-party security providers to conduct scheduled network scans, audits and testing that meet the industry’s highest security standards.
  • Our automated system consistently monitors for suspicious activity based on user-defined security features and velocity parameters you help define.
  • Our payment engine automatically delivers real-time validation of bank account data for all first-time ACH/eCheck bill payers. It also queries national banking databases to determine if an account is open and in good standing, bringing you even more protection against potential fraud and losses.