Rules-based Payment Portal Engine

Flexibility is an important characteristic in any service provider. However, too much customization can be a curse for both parties in the long run. That is why our payment platform was created using a rules-based approach, allowing us to configure our system to any logical rule that you can define.

A Unique Approach in the Payments Industry:

  • Our rules-based payment portal engine creates user experiences based on the specific business rules and consumer attributes within your organization and can be easily reconfigured if necessary.
  • This logic/rule-based design significantly speeds up implementations and change request resolutions. We routinely complete 60/90-day implementations and 72-hour (or less) change requests, which sets us apart from the norm in the industry today.
  • By developing this proprietary payment portal engine and deploying it in a cloud environment, we have created a next generation payment system that delivers unsurpassed flexibility and performance.
The People Behind The Payments