Deep Integration

From customer management systems, to websites, to customer portals, we understand that every client is different. That is why our platform is uniquely designed to integrate with any scenario, no matter how simple or complex.

Integration is Key:

  • URL Redirect – the simplest form of integration and the least exposure to PCI, our payment platform is accessed via a direct link on your website. The portal can open in the same browser window or a new one and the branding/formatting is up to you.
  • Inline Frame (IFrame/Embed) – similar to the URL Redirect, but instead of opening our payment portal in a new browser window, it automatically appears inside a portion of your existing payment web page. There is slightly more PCI exposure as all associated web pages must have a security certificate (HTTPS). Again, the branding/formatting are up to you.
  • Full or Partial API – this option fits well with clients who already have a payment portal interface on their site. Payment information is collected and passed to our system via APIs which process and send back responses to the interface. However, this integration carries the most PCI exposure if card data is entered into your site.
The People Behind The Payments