Clearwater Mobile

Real-Time Payments Through A Responsive Interface

Are your billing and payment options keeping up with the ways that your customers want to interact with your company? Consumer research shows that a majority of consumers have paid a bill with their smartphone. The data also shows a continued shift away from retaining landline telephones and an increase in mobile devices serving as the primary access to the internet.

Providing solutions that meet consumers’ needs and respond to this evolving environment are critical to your organization. Clearwater Mobile delivers access to summary billing data, payment scheduling from the bill alert, reminder alerts and real-time payment receipts on mobile responsive user interfaces.

Comprehensive Mobile Solutions:

  • Robust Smart Alerts – payment reminders, statement drop alerts, past due alerts with the ability to execute a payment. All via mobile-responsive user interfaces.
  • Open API Solutions – Our agile technology allows us to seamlessly and deeply integrate with your systems and/or CIS vendors to provide the latest in mobile billing and payment options to your customers.
  • Real-time e-Receipts – As your customers pay bills via their mobile devices, they’ll receive instant payment confirmations or e-Receipts delivered via their choice of electronic messaging.
  • Scheduled Payment Reminders – Scheduled bill payment reminders are deployed via electronic message to your customers’ mobile devices – to help eliminate late or missed payments.
  • Easy Enrollment Process – Your customers benefit from a simple, one-time enrollment process that is quick, intuitive and convenient for electronic messages and e-Wallet services.

*Separate text messaging fees may apply based on your customers’ agreement with their cellular network provider.