Clearwater Agent Assisted Payments

Accurate, Courteous Service for Every Bill Payer, Every Day

For your customers who prefer a more personal approach to bill payments, we offer our agent-assisted program, where they can speak to one of our live representatives. At Clearwater, we understand the importance of delivering friendly, accurate and results-oriented service. Our agents are seasoned payments experts who can confidently answer a broad range of inquiries, delivering an enhanced payment experience any time.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Bi-Lingual Representatives – Our agents are fluent in English and Spanish so you can reach more of your bill paying customers.
  • Real-time Confirmation of Payments – Our agents will instantly authorize payments on your behalf and provide your customers with payment confirmation numbers for assurance and heightened customer satisfaction.
  • U.S.-Based Call Center – We don’t outsource our calls or our service. Your customers receive friendly, accurate service from a team of bi-lingual agents who eliminate language barriers and unnecessary frustration.