Focus Your Time & Resources
on What You do Best – Your Core Business.
Simplified Reconciliation Starts Here.
Want to concentrate more on growing your business? That’s where we come in. Our robust Accounting & Treasury solutions reduce drain on your staff’s resource time – so you can more closely align your staff with your company’s growth goals.

We Deliver:

  • Daily management of your customers’ payments across all payment types and channels – delivered in a single, next-day deposit that represents all prior days’ payments.
  • Real-time payment remittance that is posted daily to your company’s Accounting system.
  • Reconciliation assistance against your customers’ payments that includes generation of a single, daily deposit report.
  • Robust suite of reports for payments, refunds, and daily deposit reconciliation.
  • Assistance with chargebacks and exception management to help reduce drain on your staff’s valuable resource time.