Proactive and Proprietary Fraud Monitoring

Collecting payments is an important part of your revenue stream. At Clearwater Payments, we’ll help you protect your funds flow with user-defined security features and velocity parameters.

Collect More Receivables with Reduced Risk:

  • With fraud incidents on the rise, knowing your customers is more important than ever before. Our system delivers real-time validation of bank account data for all first-time ACH/eCheck bill payers. We query national banking databases to determine if an account is open and in good standing…bringing you even more protection against potential fraud and losses.
  • Our automated system consistently monitors for suspicious activity…based on variables and thresholds you help define.
  • With end-to-end encryption, we provide technologies to protect all payment card data in transit and at rest. The result? Reduced PCI risk, cost and scope for our valued merchants.