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PCI Essentials – What Billers Need to Know

Clearwater Payments White Paper Ever since there have been credit cards, there have been thieves looking for a way to steal cardholders’ private payment information. When online transactions became commonplace, this new channel was a boon to credit/debit card data...

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e-Adoption – Strategies for the Next Generation

Clearwater Payments White Paper From the dawn of electronic billing and payment, consumer billing organizations have understood the value of increasing adoption of these channels among their customers. After overcoming some initial e-commerce jitters, the majority of...

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Mobile Relevance – What Current Trends Mean for Bill Payment

Clearwater Payments White Paper In the last 30 years, the payment industry has made giant leaps toward giving customers faster, easier ways to take care of their financial obligations. Today’s tech-dependent, mobile-empowered consumers expect all transactions to be...

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