Dallas, TX. October 15, 2019 – Clearwater Payments is partnering with KyckGlobal, Inc. to provide a more robust array of disbursement options to its clients. Clearwater Payments enhances the way service provider organizations and their customers interact by combining the latest in mobile-centric bill payment with convenient account communication and customer service options.

KyckGlobal provides next-generation payouts that enable funding across numerous payment methods. KyckGlobal will augment Clearwater Payments’ current services by providing an array of global and real-time payment-related services, including simplified payee enrollment, accelerated ‘B-to-B’ disbursements, and streamlined subrogation procedures.

“The KyckGlobal team is pleased to partner with a bill payment pioneer like Clearwater Payments,” said Ashish Bahl, CEO and founder of KyckGlobal. “We’re confident that the KyckGlobal platform will accelerate growth for Clearwater while delighting their client base with exciting new outbound payment options.”

“Clearwater Payments is leading the way in electronic billing and payments to deliver creative and secure consumer interactions,”said Bob Wilson, EVP and CRO of Clearwater Payments. “Clearwater’s partnership with KyckGlobal combines disbursements with our bill payment options to ensure both relevance and innovation moving forward.”

About KyckGlobal

KyckGlobal helps companies streamline outgoing payments with a next-generation cloud-based platform that delivers a robust array of the most popular payment types – all with a single point of reconciliation. The KyckGlobal solution automates IRS compliance, promotes customer loyalty, and improves employee retention. Founded in 2018 by fintech executives and entrepreneurs, KyckGlobal is headquartered in Atlanta.