Dallas, TX. September 27, 2017 – Clearwater and Lanvera today announced the availability of an integrated solution that meets the mobile expectations of today and achieves the efficiencies of electronic billing and payments.  Lanvera’s world-class document design solutions delivering best in class for mobile, web, and print and mail, married with Clearwater Payments multi-channel and method payment solutions, offer a single integration point to simplify billing, statement and payment needs.

Lanvera, a provider of end-to-end outsourcing solutions for transactional documents, couples a consultative approach with cutting edge technology to solve complex business challenges in customer-critical document delivery. Lanvera develops the tools necessary to reach customers on a more personal level, drive eAdoption, decrease costs, attract new customers, and identify new revenue opportunities.

Clearwater Payments solution provides real-time integration with any billing platform, resulting in improved efficiencies and customer service.  Clearwater supports all major card brands and ACH, as well as one-time, scheduled, and recurring payment processing including payments through agents or payment centers.  The e-Lockbox solution further consolidates bank bill payment, walk-in payments and paper lockbox flows into a single remittance and settlement – speeding up the visibility of payments and simplifying reconciliation.

Consumers and businesses demand efficiencies and convenience through the channels and methods they prefer.  Lanvera and Clearwater’s integrated solution simplifies and streamlines the remittance process from beginning to end – not only accelerating the invoice to cash cycles, but delivering through multiple channels, including mobile presentment and payment.

“Are your current bill presentment and payment channels relevant in today’s real-time and mobile world?  Consumers are driven by convenience, and our partnership with Lanvera allows billing entities to reach a broader audience of users where they want to transact,” said Bob Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer at Clearwater.

“One of Lanvera’s key value propositions is driving eAdoption for our clients, and extending this to include payment and remittance processing makes our solution even more valuable,” said Michael Scheevel, VP Sales and Marketing at Lanvera.

About Lanvera

Lanvera is a leading national outsource provider specializing in the turnkey delivery of customer facing critical data through end-to-end multi-channel solutions that satisfy each client’s business objectives. Lanvera’s solutions allow clients to increase customer response rates while reducing costs, encouraging new revenue growth and enabling target marketing.