Hop, skip and a jump may be fine for sidewalk games or describing how easy it is to get to a destination, but when your customers are paying a bill online, hopping across websites isn’t always the best experience, nor a pathway to a completed payment.

In today’s age, where we expect transactions to occur seamlessly and instantaneously, it makes sense to deliver on these expectations for your busy customers.

Your customers are looking for Security and Convenience when they log on to your site (often right from their smart phones) to pay their bills. If the payment portal doesn’t quickly respond, or if multiple windows open up and the customers feel like they are leaving YOUR website, this presents a problem.

Payment abandonment can increase as your customer STOPS his/her transaction and waits until “later” to pay the bill.  That’s not good for you and definitely not good for your customers especially if they are already late or approaching a payment due date.

Why not offer a “Pay Now” button on a Mobile Responsive site powered by Clearwater Payments?

Embedded directly on your website (or one click through your website if that’s your desired customer experience) for your customers to pay = secure, convenient, and fast…

Let’s leave hopscotch for the playground and make payments secure and convenient.

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